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Providing secure, long-term investment opportunities to private investors

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Our mission is to help investors create generational wealth by providing them with passive income and significant tax advantages. At the same time, we believe in making significant improvements in the apartment communities we own and manage so that our residents experience a better quality of life. This is a true win-win.

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Motivated By Results

We acquire and manage real estate properties with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation.

Client Focused

We are deeply committed to our clients and their financial wellbeing with a culture centered on customer service and professionalism.

Community Conscious

We believe that we can generate returns for our investors while simultaneously improving the quality of life of those who live in the communities that we invest in.


We will always maintain full transparency by educating our investors and enabling them to make informed decisions.

Benefits of Investing with Us

Real estate investment can provide several advantages over traditional asset classes.


Real estate is generally regarded as one of the most stable asset classes.

Cash Flow

Monthly rent payments cover expenses and provide a return to investors.


Debt is payed down which increases investor equity in the property.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation allows investors to keep more of their profits.


The value of real estate increases over time.


Leverage can be used to increase the return on investment.


commercial building

Quilliams Estates

Cleveland Heights, OH

commercial building

Orchard Apartments

Cleveland Heights, OH

commercial building

Eden Apartments

Louisville, KY

commercial building

Retail and Office Complex

Roselle, NJ

modern apartment building

The Yellowstone Apartments

Cleveland Heights, OH

brick apartment building

Yellowstone Arms

Cleveland Heights, OH

commercial building

Furlong Apartments

Louisville, KY


WE Capital, is a boutique asset management firm focused on real estate management, established in 2017.

Our Clients The foundational pillar of WE Capital is our focus on making a compelling return for our investors. Real estate is simply the vehicle we use to accomplish this goal. We are deeply committed to our customers and their financial wellbeing. We will always maintain full transparency by educating our investors and enabling them to make informed decisions. At WE Capital, we are continuously laboring to improve the user experience, utilizing innovative software to make real estate investing a smooth, easy process.

Steven Weinstock

Steven Weinstock


Steven has been in the Real Estate Investment business for close to twenty years. With his very first purchase taking place in 2001 that of a single family home. Since then he has owned many different types of properties in many different asset classes. From single family homes to apartment buildings, office and retail.

Since 2017 he has been focusing on larger multi family assets, raising capital in order to purchase multiple properties. Working with a diversified group of investors and lenders he has focused on value added properties. Steven has seen success in Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Jersey, Mississippi, Florida and Pennsylvania and has consistently delivered to his happy investors.

Steven Weinstock lives with his wife and seven children in, Brooklyn, NY, the same city where both he and his wife grew up. They are both very active in the community where they volunteer for many different organizations.

Michael Eisner

Michael Eisner


With Wall Street roots, Michael Eisner is a zealous serial entrepreneur. Founding internet startups in the media and ecommerce sectors, Michael has taken companies from startup to stabilization, capitalizing on unique tech and market advantages.

At WE Capital, Michael meticulously directs every step of the acquisition process, from analyzing deals, handling purchase negotiation, raising capital and securing financing through comprehensive property management, utilizing his years of experience to identify solid opportunities in the marketplace and yield profitable ventures. Michael’s exceptional people skills aid in building key relationships with clients, colleagues, and financial parties, supporting his goal to streamline all aspects of deal negotiation and closure. Michael’s work ethic and drive continuously propels him forward to deliver for his clients. In his words, “I can’t stress enough how important the client is to me. My goal is always to make our investors money. It’s crucial to build a relationship of trust with our investors and put them first.”


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